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Adding a Costume Vendor

The costume vendor page is used to add new costume vendors to your database or manage the contact information of your current vendors.





Create a new costume vendor:

  • From the Home screen click on the Performances tab at the top of Akada Online.
  • Click on Manage Costumes.
  • You should now be on the Vendors page.
  • Click Add Vendor.
  • Vendor Contact – When you create a vendor you will add all of the necessary contact information in this section.
  • Customer Number – If you have an account number with a vendor you may add that number to this field.
  • Sales Tax – This is the rate of tax you pay to this vendor. This is often confused with the rate that you charge your customers.
  • Costume Vendor – This box enables or disables the size table functions. If this is a costume vendor be sure this box stays checked.
  • Order Date – This would be the day you ordered or plan to order your costumes.
  • Required Date – This would be the date that you have to have the costumes by.
  • Picture Date – This would be the scheduled date for student pictures in costume.




To Create Size Tables:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Vendor Page.
  • Click on the Size Table type.
  • From the vendor’s size chart enter the largest girth measurement for that size and choose the correct size from the menu.*
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat this process until you have entered all sizes.

*There is no need to create a separate entry for each possible girth measurement. Example: Based on the image above if you assigned a costume to a student with a girth of 47 inches then the student would automatically be assigned a Child Medium because that measurement is larger than the max size for a small and smaller than the max size for a medium.



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