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Account Information

The customer Account Information screen is where you will find all of the pertinent information and tools needed to manage an individual customer’s account. Here you can view contact or student info, enter charges or payments, change payment plans, or send emails to the parents.


Account Details: 



The account details allow you to view or edit the main contact information for the account holder. In most situations, the account info is going to be the same for parent 1 so the program will automatically copy it to the parent one fields.

To Make Changes:

  • Once on the account page click the Edit link the bottom right corner of Account Details.
  • Make any needed changes.
  • Check the box if you would like the changes to be copied to Parent 1 or to the Students.
  • Click Save Changes.

Note: To Edit Parent 1 or 2 email addresses click on the Contacts link at the top of the Account Info Screen.



Student Information:



The student information section providers you with a summary of the students on the account, their status, individual, and total tuition amounts. To view a student’s full information page simply click on their name.

  • Add Student – To add an additional student to the account click on the Add Student (+ student) link at the top of the Student section.
  • Edit Student – The Edit link to the right of the student name will allow you to do a quick edit of the student’s basic information. Items such as name, address, age, etc…
  • Delete Student – Click the Delete link if you would like to permanently remove the student from the account.


Contact Information:



The Contacts section of the account information page allows you to quickly view phone numbers and email addresses of parents and emergency contacts for the students.

To Make Changes to Contacts:

  • Once on the Account Info page click to view Contacts.
  • Click edit in the lower right-hand corner of the section.
  • Make any changes necessary.
  • Click Save changes to finish.



Credit Card Information:



The Credit Card section of the account page is where you can quickly view and update credit card information.


  • Enter New Card – Use this link to add a new card to an account or replace the existing one.
  • Edit Recurring Billing – This option allows you to add or remove a card from recurring billing and change the billing group* the card is assigned to.
  • Clear Card- Use this to delete the credit card from the account.
  • Require new Credit Card on net login – Checking this box will require the parent to save a new credit card to their file the next time they log into their parent account.

*Billing Groups give you the ability to offer your parents different days on which their card will be processed for recurring billing. However, the card does not have to be run on that specific day. For example, if you put customers in billing group 15 and the 15th fell on a Sunday you can run the cards on Monday the 16th with no trouble.





Groups provide you with an easy way to add an account to a specific group, or groups, for the purposes of communication or reporting. For example, if you have group of parents who are volunteering for an event and you’d like to easily be able to email them. You add them to a group and email the group.

To Add a Group:

  • Once on the account page click to view the Groups sections.
  • Click the Add Groups link.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the group.
    • If the group does not exist choose Add New from the menu.
    • Enter the code and description for your new groups.
  • Click Add Group.

You may also delete or change a group that is assigned to an account by using the appropriate links to the right.


Account notes:


The account notes section of the account info screen allows you to add important notes about the account. If desired, these notes can be made visible to your customers when they log into their parent account.

To Add a Note:

  • Once on the account page click to view the Notes sections.
  • Click the Add Notes link.
  • Enter your notes.
  • Check the box to make visible to customers if desired.
  • Click Add note.

You may also edit or delete a note using the appropriate link located to the right of each note. The details link shows you who entered or last edited a note and the date and time it was done.




The discounts section of the account allows you to view any discounts that have been assigned to the account. You may also use this feature to add discounts or remove discounts. When a discount is assigned at the account level is applied to all students on the account. If you wish to apply a discount to a specific student go to their student info page and assign the discount only to them.

To Add a Discount:

  • Once on the account page click to view the Discounts sections.
  • Click the Add Discount link.
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose the discount.
    • If the desired discount does not exist choose Add Discount.
    • Enter the new discount information and amounts.
  • Click Add and Assign to Account.

Use the Delete link located to the right of the discount to remove it from the account.













































































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