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4 Reasons Why Dance Studios Need Akada Software

Posted Monday, May 7th, 2018 by Akada

The right tools will keep your dance studio healthy, care for customers, and keep owners organized. A streamlined dance studio software is critical, and Akada’s dance studio management platform is the perfect answer. Rather than the exhausting task of piecing together different tools, take a look at the benefits you could gain from using Akada.

One software to replace many programs

Not only are you managing a building, classes, students, parents, social media, employees, and your business, you also have to keep track of all of the different tools and passwords that you use. One software that can do it all will save you time and be easier to handle. Akada can manage your studio’s classrooms, class schedules, employees, recitals, parent portals, bookkeeping, and reports. And if you have a question, Support is ready to help.

Give yourself more time

Akida makes transferring tasks to administrative helpers easy because Akada is cloud-based, which means you can add users. If your users need help, support Is available. As you hand over some of these responsibilities to your staff, you can free up more time and energy for yourself.

Lower your overhead

Big, robust software package? Yes. Big price tag? No! Akada offers a tiered pricing structure, so you pay for exactly what you need, whether you have 100 students to manage or 1,000.  When your studio grows, and your needs increase, Akada will be ready to expand with you. You won’t have to worry about outgrowing the benefits of Akada, even if you open more studio locations.

Make saying yes effortless for parents

Parents are busy. You’re offering great classes, but when parents have to make a phone call or come to the studio to sign up, you could lose them. Akada’s registration and online payment features allow parents to click, register, and pay. With Akada, parents get your emails with relevant information, and a simple way to register and pay, saving time and effort for everyone involved.


Software should streamline processes and support the unique vision of the studio. It may be hard to imagine a software that can reduce so much burden with such ease, but Akada has spent 20 years creating software that can do just that.